We Used to Taste the Stars

We Used to Taste the Stars is a fast-moving,driving acoustic song with an ambient feel. I hope you enjoy listening. I hope it inspires a sense of empowerment and encouragement. https://soundcloud.com/dylanraines/we-used-to-taste-the-stars


Freeing Energy from the Grid: Justin Hall-Tippin Ted Talk

https://www.ted.com/talks/justin_hall_tipping_freeing_energy_from_the_grid?language=en In this Ted Talk, Justin Hall-Tipping gives an impactful talk about using nano technology with the ultimate goal of helping the world's poorest become free from poverty. What do you think about the creative solutions Hall-Tipping wishes to implement?

Meeting David: A travel story of hope

He staggered about the campgrounds scratching his scalp, aimless and with a most worried look on his face. David was his name and within the first few minutes (sometimes seconds) he would explain to whomever he met that his wife was murdered and his son committed suicide one week after. Those events occurred two years … Continue reading Meeting David: A travel story of hope

The connection in nature

I’ve been walking beside the Great Pacific for nearly 10 weeks now and there are moments which creep up behind me as though it had been there waiting through all eternity to unveil some great secret. It’s easy to get used to things and places and events which are routine and that we are continuously … Continue reading The connection in nature